We believe that our Nation was founded on the principles of liberty, justice and opportunity, common to the hope of all peoples and inherent in the longings of humanity.

We believe that our nation was founded as a sanctuary from oppression and tyranny for those willing to accept our nation’s laws and tenets.

We believe that those born in America to legal residents inherit its blessings at birth.  Those not born in our country but willing to accept her tenets and laws receive those blessings as a gift.  But those who have not inherited or have had bequeathed unto them the blessings of legal citizenship, take those things uninvited and without permission.

We believe those persons who arrive or remain in the United States without permission should not be afforded the same privileges as those who lawfully reside in the United States.

We believe that it is the responsibility of Federal and State governments to secure our borders, police and control illegal immigration, and enact and enforce legislation which prevents illegal aliens from working in the United States.

We believe that our government has failed in its responsibility to the American people with respect to border control and illegal immigration.  Accordingly, we, the Ozarks Minutemen, believe that it is our duty as citizens, acting within the law, to prevent further damage to our communities, our economies, and our way of life by illegal immigration.

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